Christmas Card Mini Photo Shoots


All inclusive - 45minutes Photo Shoot - £280

CHRISTMAS CARD MINI-SHOOTS are the most popular photo sessions of the year and they guarantee you not only a personalised Christmas Card image but also wonderful portraits of your children.

Family Portraiture.JPG

Session can take a place at your chosen London location ( home, garden or a park ). If it is raining we can always reschedule, but I do have ways of ending up with as good images as if the weather was perfect!

It Includes:

  • 10 hi-resolution, fully-edited, digital pictures of your choice
    The next day, our edited session will be uploaded to an online gallery with password access and you will be able to choose and download the images directly to your computer.

  • One 8 x 10" print of your choice on artist-grade paper - perfect as a present for grandparents or godparents.

  • Email consultation and advice to fine-tune the details of your requirements.

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Christmas Card Mini Shoots are available throughout October and November 2018

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Every session includes a selection of single-person, close-up portraits, half-body shots and mixtures of groups.

Christmas Card designing and printing is only available upon request and will be priced separately.

Mini sessions work best with families of up to 5 people, in the case of larger families, I may charge for additional time.


It's a Boy and he is my Nephew !


My younger brother, who lives back in Poland, finally had his first child: a boy named Cesar ( or Cezary for Polish speakers ). It's important to my brother I meet him as soon as he is born. This could be because I am his aunt, but I think it is mainly so I can can take his newborn pictures. He is one month old when I arrive ( so not exactly newborn ), but as he sleeps all the time we are in luck and we can take those tiny baby pictures. 

There are 2 styles of photographing newborns that are popular with parents. First is the type of photos that Anne Geddes would take ( think of babies sleeping inside poynies or sometimes even on the top of them or casually sitting in a cabbage wearing a cabbage leaf hat ). To cut down on my editing I don't shoot composites ( images made up of two or more photographs )  and I don't want to use flash when there is so much more to think about, so I take pictures that are the exact reflection of what I can see. The only time I use Photoshop would be to take the blemishes or spots of the newborn's skin or do other tiny retouches if needed. The idea is to document the moment, as it will not last forever. 

We shoot in the place where I grew up, The sitting room is very bright ( I nearly wish I could open a studio there ), which is lucky because we need to be indoors. It is also important the room temperature is right for the baby to keep it happy, but he was born during the hottest summer in Europe, so it doesn't seem to bother him that it is boiling hot. He is good as gold, if fact he is  asleep so we start with the sleeping baby photos.

Newborn | Portrait | London Newborn Photography
Newborn | Portrait | London Newborn Photography
Newborn | Portrait | London Newborn Photography

After a while, especially when we position Cesar in his parent's palms, he starts waking up and makes a little noise and a little sacking movement with his lips, he is hungry! We take a little break for feeding ( of course we put the nappy back on him temporarily, we have been very lucky so far, ( everything is still clean). While I give him his bottle ( proud aunt ), I order the parents to put on some white tops for the photos, the simpler the better. Time for kisses, lots of kisses!


So far so good, my brother's girlfriend panics a little bit about the way my brother holds the baby, I am proud of him, he is a natural. My theory is: the less pressure and less fuss, the better the mood. Honestly, I think this was one the easiest newborn sessions I ever did. No accidents, no crying, asleep and awake on command, did I mention how proud I am of my new nephew?


We finish with a photo of Cesar lying next to a Jellycat bunny !! ( my present to him ). Is there a better soft toy for a newborn? I really hope it is going to be his favourite for many years to come, it is a little bit selfish of me I suppose, but I want him to be able to compare how much he has grown when looking back at this photo.

Newborn | Portrait | Jelly Cat bunny |London Newborn Photography


He is ready to sleep again... that would be it for his first photoshoot, he did well...



Tips for Parents:

  • Don't panic or stress about the baby not behaving well, they can sense your mood.

  • The baby is happy when it is not hungry, has a clean nappy ( or no nappy at all ) and when the room temperature is just right.

  • Relax and enjoy the session, this could be your last one when your child doesn't try to run away.


Newborn Photo-session Info:

If you are planning on doing a newborn shoot, please get in touch before you are due to give birth, we can provisionally pencil in two or three dates to make sure we have it covered if the baby is a bit early or a bit late.

I will be available for either a phone or in person consultation, whatever works for you.

Prices start @ £400 for 1 hour session, this includes 15 digital images and 3 beautiful black and white fine-art mounted prints.

Shooting Emma Warren T-Shirts with my Daughter Eloise


My daughter has been photographed by me countless amount of times, I sometimes think she will  decide one day not to pose for me ever again, but she gets sent a bunch of Emma Warren T-Shirts to advertise and I get summoned to be her photographer. Ofcourse I drop everything and I take the challenge. We are in Italy, perfect set up, once the sun goes down a bit we run out to shoot. Always in a hurry and overexcited, working together but also bickering a bit about the creative side of the photographs. She challenges me more than any of my clients, we are also both very stubborn...Luckily while shooting these photographs of the Orca embroiled white T-Shirt we communicated well. Eloise has the outfit ready and to make the black orca pop out, I decide to use the still blazing sun to backlit the clothes and the model.




Next design ' bugging me bug' slogan tee!  Coincidentally, we are starting to argue a little bit, mainly about the location of the photographs, I want to shoot on a tilted grey stone wall ( just because I don't see a lot of those in London ) while Eloise is set on the cactus idea ( probably for the same reason as mine ). We go for both.

Even though it’s 6pm the sun is still quit high casting big shadows, this  works well as long as the model is not looking directly into the direction of the sun which also happens to be the direction of my camera.




It's nearly time to wrap it up, we are on holidays after all plus arguments are cream anyone? Not just any flavour by the way, for it to work with the colour of the letters on the ' have a wonderful day' slogan tee and the yellow skirt, we need strawberry and mango! We scouted the location before, the peachy wall not far from the ice cream place. Now we just have to run with the ice-cream and hope it doesn’t melt before we take the photo!




We shoot the Rainbow Pride T-Shirt once back in London. I do have a selection of backdrops in  nearly all colours of the rainbow.

We are mucking around and Eloise makes a silly bun on the top of her head, I look at her and I instantly know this will work with the shape of the rainbow on the T-Shirt.

Facial expressions are one of my signature shots when photographing children, so I just shout: ‘make faces’! She is in the right mood, job done.